Detour is an integrated digital marketing company offering business development consultation and online marketing solutions. We aspire to become a pioneer in this field by incorporating the latest research, employing the most effective promotional strategies, and investing in human capital. For our clients we offer innovative solutions, guaranteeing optimum results for their products.

Our quest for the newest, most efficient and professional promotional techniques enables us to distinguish our clients from their competitors. We help them stand out from the crowd by incorporating an integrated system of services, fulfilling their business needs.

Our distinction stems from a self-improvement policy that we embrace and cherish. Regularly revisiting our methodologies and keeping up with the latest technological changes worldwide allows us to achieve optimum profits for our clients.


Detour offers high-quality services to help improve your company’s marketing strategy. We deliver online marketing solutions and real business results tailored to your business needs.

Online Marketing

We invest in all digital platforms and online applications by turning them into marketing tools to boost your company’s growth rate and achieve the desirable reach within the target market.

Graphic Design

We create custom types of electronic, print, static, and animated graphic designs expressing your company’s vision and reflecting its products to achieve high growth rates in the target market.

Business Consulting

We offer business development services designed to overcome workplace challenges by implementing the latest business process management.


We develop websites and mobile applications for your company and its products to clearly reflect its vision, and guarantee higher growth rates in sales and reach.


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We work closely with a diverse range of clients from large companies to startups, striving for excellence in offering them multiple digital marketing services.